Want Love at First Play this Festive Season?

When a child receives a new toy and they fall in Love at First Play, magic happens.

Imaginations are unlocked, fun is found, explorations begin and bonds are formed.

So, what do you consider when choosing a gift for a child?

Almost half (47%) parents admit their kids have been disappointed with gifts received at the festive season and 30% say they have struggled knowing what to buy their children in the past.

Sound familiar?  

We’ve discovered that child-toy incompatibility can be a result of a child’s dominant ‘play personality’, which means children can sometimes ask for toys that are not suited to the way they like to play.

Simply put, kids are better suited to some toys than others!

We know the importance of play in learning and development and therefore the benefits of a child fully engaging with a toy. So, we have identified eight play personality types that capture the fundamentals of child development, movement, sensory development, language and attachment theory so that you can easily navigate the best gifts compatible to your child and how they play.

Answer our questions to identify whether your child is a mischievous Jokester or more of a creative Imagineer, a curious Discoverer or an active Energizer and find the perfect toys for Love At First Play.

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